Thursday, February 15, 2018


Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows
Saturday, February 17th – Saturday, February 24

It’s good to be a kid at Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows for President’s week.  Kid-O-Rama is a week of non-stop fun for kids of all ages.  Squaw will attract families with activities like the sky jump trampolines, the climbing wall in the tram building, mini snowmobiles and snow tubing at SnoVentures, a pool and hot tub perched atop the mountain at 8200 feet and lots of Olympic viewing in between.

The fun will be super-sized as Kid-O-Rama takes over.  Every day in the Village there will be a kids game and craft room open from 10am to 9pm featuring activities like ping pong, art projects, and ski movies with popcorn.

Each weekend day ends with live music on the Village stage and the Plaza Bar.  On the 17th, 18th and 24th, the night will end with a fireworks show over the  iconic KT-22 slopes.   Stay warm with a complimentary hot cocoa bar for the kids and full food and beverage menu for the whole family.  It is sure to be a good week to be outside and enjoying all the outdoor fun that Kid-o-Rama and Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows are hosting.  

The highlight of the week will be Big Truck Day on Saturday, February 17th at Squaw Valley and Tuesday, February 20th at Alpine Meadows.  Big machinery like snow groomers, snowmobiles, fire trucks and snow plows will gather at the bottom of the mountain base areas.  The big trucks will be on display all day for viewing and kids can sit in many of the vehicles and see just how big they really are.  

New this year is Disco Tubing at the SnoVentures Activity Zone at Squaw Valley.  Every night throughout the week night tubing will be rocking the back of the parking lot.  Sledding after hours with colorful LED lights, lasers and live DJ’s is sure to be a blast.

Click here for all the details. 

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tahoe Convoy

Tahoe Convoy is a new luxury weekend shuttle bringing Bay Area and Sacramento residents to Lake Tahoe. Tahoe Convoy travels eastbound on Friday nights and returns westbound on Sunday nights on a bi-weekly schedule. Greg Risen, a traffic engineer, transport planner and avid skier is the man behind this new business. He has partnered with Silicon Valley tech companies to use their employee shuttles that would normally be parked durning the weekend.

The luxury shuttles provide wi-fi, television a bathroom and plenty of storage for gear. Sit back and enjoy a cocktail while enjoying the view, take a nap or keep working for the duration of drive. The first trip up to Tahoe was on February 2nd and the next trip will be for the President’s Weekend. The return ride will be changed to come home on Monday vs. Sunday for the holiday weekend. As demand increases for the Tahoe Convoy service, they hope to expand to every weekend and have South Lake Tahoe as a stop as well. Currently the bus stops at 4 Bay Area locations and Sacramento for pick up and has 14 Tahoe locations for drop-off.

Click here for all pick-up and drop-off locations.
For only $49 each way, Tahoe Convoy is a great option to get in and out of Tahoe while enjoying the time on the road as a passenger instead of a driver.

visit for more information. 

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Push

“The Push”-Showing This Friday at Northstar

The Push is an inspirational documentary about the power of never giving up. Grant Korgan is a world-class adventurer, nano-mechanics professional, and husband. On March 5, 2010, while filming a snowmobiling segment in the Sierra Nevada back country, the Lake Tahoe native burst-fractured his L1 vertebrae, and suddenly added the world of spinal cord injury recovery to his list of pursuits.

On January 17, 2012, along with two seasoned explorers, Grant attempted the insurmountable, and became the first spinal cord injured athlete to literally PUSH himself nearly 100 miles to the most inhospitable place on the planet-the bottom of the globe-the geographic South Pole.

Grant and his guides reached their destination on the 100th anniversary of the first explorers to travel to the South Pole. Facing brutal elements, demanding topography and presumed physical limitations are just some of the challenges they faced along the journey. With this inspirational documentary, “The Push” team hopes to inspire people in all walks of life to achieve the seemingly insurmountable in their own lives, to push their own everyday limits, and to live their ultimate potential.

Prior to the films world premier at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival next weekend, Tahoe Mountain Club is hosting the very first showing of the film this weekend. Taking place at the Alpine Club in the Village at Northstar, this is going to be an intimate night with the Grant and the expedition team. For the full experience, add on a day experience with Grant Korgan and ski with an group at Northstar and enjoy lunch at Schaffer’s Camp.

Details below:

Located in the Village at Northstar


Movie Screening Details:
  • $150 donation per person. All Proceeds from the film benefit the High Fives Foundation
  • Intimate cocktail hour with Grant and Shawna Korgan, and members of the expedition team. Full bar and heavy appetizers included.
  • Private viewing of the film                                                      
Add on a Full Day Experience with Grant (Limit 8 people):
  • $500 donation per person. All Proceeds from the film benefit the High Fives Foundation
  • Includes all items featured under movie screening
  • A half day of skiing with Grant at Northstar California. Lift ticket is included. 
  • Lunch with Grant at Schaffer's Camp
With this inspirational documentary, The Push team hopes to inspire people in all walks of life to achieve the seemingly insurmountable in their life, to push their own everyday limits, and to live their ultimate potential. 

Please contact us at 530.550.2000 or to purchase tickets. 

Tahoe-Truckee Market Update: February, 2018

Tahoe-Truckee Market Update

February, 2018 

An early theme has emerged for the performance of Tahoe-Truckee real estate in 2018. Historically tight inventory combined with surging demand are resulting in a lesser overall quantity of transactions at substantially higher prices.

To quantify, January, 2018 posted 87 residential transactions. This compares to 92 in January, 2017; a 6% decrease in what is historically the slowest month for closings of any given year.  Conversely, the average sale for 2018 was a resounding $1,069,000 compared to $788,000 during the same period last year. 

While properties in the region have not necessarily appreciated by this 35%, the scarcity of available inventory has driven consumers toward higher priced properties that typically have a much longer marketing cycle. Major transactions in January included six Martis Camp homes from $2,450,000 to $8,800,000. Additionally, a lakefront home on Tahoe’s West Shore traded for $7,500,000; a figure that would have been the third largest California waterfront sale in all of 2017. Additionally, two Northstar properties sold upward of $2 million in addition to several lakeside properties enjoying activity transcendent of a typical winter.

In many ways, the modest snowfall has demonstrated just how robust demand for the region really is. While ski conditions have not warranted staying on the mountain from dusk till dawn, visitors have found sought other activities including ice skating, hiking, biking on low elevation trails or clear roads and even paddling in Tahoe. The combination of joyous time recreating and promising economic conditions; particularly in Northern California, are fueling a boom in activity.

The market currently shows 445 residential properties for sale ranging from studio condos for $175,000 to magnificent lakefront properties for $75,000,000. At 2017 absorption rates, this equates to just 3 months’ supply; a dramatic swing in favor of sellers. With the end of ski season, spring is often the time when most homes come to market in the Tahoe-Truckee region. Owners contemplating a move would be well-served to accelerate plans to market benefiting from greatly reduced competition and a willing pool of buyers. 

The theme of fewer but larger sales is likely to carry through the first quarter of 2018. 156 homes are currently pending sale with an average asking price of $856,000. Showing activity in luxury market segments are trending up considerably even surpassing the number of tours during peak summer months. This promises to be create interesting deal flow through the coming months.

Katie Tyler

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

TMR's View - Tax Bill 2018

Accepting that resort, second-home purchases are driven almost entirely by emotion, it is understandable that uncertainty around the proposed Tax Bill may lead to some level of concern. We validate that concern and offer a few thoughts as to how these changes may impact Tahoe real estate.
Wealth permitting, the ultimate driver of demand for second homes will always be the intrinsic value, or benefit, derived from owning this property. Referencing Tahoe specifically, these drivers often include:
  •     Health and wellness
  •     Family experience
  •     Adventure
Financial incentives to promote second homeownership are certainly helpful and may aid in affording incrementally more expensive properties, but are rarely the deciding factor for consumers much in the same way that interest rate fluctuations do not greatly impact our region. Investors directly motivated by financial incentives are more typically drawn toward conventional commercial offerings rather than the resort residential sector.
The most tangible economic driver of demand for second homeownership is overall wealth creation.  Unlike primary home purchases, these acquisitions are made entirely with disposable income. Thus marginal changes to effective tax rates may not be enough to have a meaningful impact on overall demand so long as our Northern California feeder market continues to be such a powerful economic engine. Given the emotional nature of second home purchases, the greatest threat to demand is an erosion of consumer confidence relative to their own long-term ability to grow wealth.
The most meaningful shift in consumer behavior may be the re-classification of second homes to investment property. This trend has already been gaining momentum as demand for vacation rental property (otherwise known as nightly rentals), largely driven by the same wealthy Northern Californians, has grown exponentially in recent years. The phenomena enhanced by the upspring of rental management services including AirBnB has created an environment in which homeowners can offset carry costs making their own vacation time less expensive, or even profitable. While restrictions on personal use of investment property may be a limiting factor, tax advantages may push an increasing number of consumers in this direction.

In summary, we believe there may be some near-term correction to the Tahoe market as consumers adjust to their new financial realities, however the long-term demand for the region is likely to be unchanged though subject to typical market cycles.

Katie Tyler

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Drink Coffee Do Stuff

Extraordinary Coffee in Truckee, California

Nick Visconti is a Truckee/San Francisco native who grew up carving the slopes of Northstar California since the age of 1. He then spent most of the 2000’s traveling the world as a professional snowboarder. The name is familiar, his dedication runs deep and his personality is inviting. He has put his professional riding in the back seat and is now pursuing a career in coffee. Yes, after 5 years of roasting apprenticeships in specialty coffee jobs in the Pacific Northwest, Visconti and his wife moved back to Truckee where they are now roasting coffee in Truckee, California.

Drink Coffee Do Stuff – Extraordinary Coffee Leads to an Extraordinary Life is his brand. "Whether they’re off to work or their next Tahoe vacation, I want this coffee to be the catalyst to a really extraordinary day,” says Visconti. His brand is deigned to reflect the mountain culture and adventure lifestyle that is found in Tahoe. To make the Tahoe life even better (or at least your morning cup of coffee), they offer free delivery in Truckee and Northstar. “Less hassle, better coffee, extraordinary life,” says Visconti.
Visconti’s deep rooted passion for coffee shows in the quality product that he is making. “Roasting coffee is a dance of art and science. I’m manipulating the chemistry of the coffee bean on a molecular level, but it’s also an art where I’m using all five of my senses,” Visconti says. The precision and care that is put into his beans results in a magnificent cup of coffee. All of the beans that Drink Coffee Do Stuff is roasting are classified as specialty coffee and grown between 4,000 and 9,000 feet (ideal growing elevations). So far, all roasts have scored above 80 points on a 100 point scale by industry experts.

Drink Coffee Do Stuff offers four single origin coffees, which will change throughout the season as well as two blends that are always on the menu.

Visit to order your beans today and experience an extraordinary cup of coffee to start your extraordinary day. 

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Tahoe Truckee Market Summary 2017

Tahoe Truckee Market Summary 2017

The Tahoe-Truckee regional real estate market provided perhaps its healthiest year in 2017.  A record number of transactions led to over $1.5 billion of total sales volume for the first time ever. This successful run was complimented by steady, though not excessive appreciation. 

1763 residential transactions eclipsed 2016 by 7% as families elected to make an investment in a mountain lifestyle at record volume. Prices appreciated by a robust 8% over this period to $855,161, inching ever closer to pre-recession pricing, on a foundation substantially stronger than a decade prior. 

Resort communities found consumers anxious for newer, well-designed homes within amenity-rich settings, and those communities saw exceptional growth with a 15% increase in transactions between $1,000,000 - $2,000,000. Conversely, premium product, $2,000,000 and above saw a slight dip in overall volume, likely the result of limited offerings after an exceptional 2016 run. Nevertheless, Martis Camp continued its sensational run with yet another year selling 40+ homes at values in excess of $4,000,000. The popularity of Martis Camp is all the more sensational given that average price within its gates has exceeded that of Tahoe lakefront properties for two consecutive years as qualified consumers opted for contemporary architecture and a direct connection to both Northstar and the Truckee airport. 

Perhaps sensing a value opportunity, lakefront property saw more homes sell at more modest prices than in previous years.

An exceptional winter in 2016-2017 led to predictable results within resort communities. The Village at Northstar saw a 75% increase in transactions while the Stellar Townhomes found a sweet spot selling out 10 residences within 6 months.

No communities better represented the demands of the consumer in 2017 better than Old Greenwood and Gray’s Crossing. Each community offers a distinct personality but share an elegant design standard combined with an unpretentious sense complimented by family-friendly amenities. A diversity of product introduced in 2017 including the Legacy Collection and Old Greenwood and Fairway Townhomes in Gray’s Crossing provided consumers with optionality of size, style and pricing that was very well received. The sister resorts combined to sell 71 total properties. 

Not every class of real estate was rewarded during this banner year. Vacant land languished in the face of rising construction costs as transaction volume dropped 8%.  Developers perceived diminished value in land offers given thin construction margins to the tune of a 30% reduction in average land sale price. While new custom home construction remains abundant at the premium end of the market, numerous development projects have been deferred until market conditions provide less risk.

As a result, 2018 opens with the lowest volume of inventory on record with just over 3 months’ supply; a fairly dramatic tilt in the seller’s favor. A likely result of these unique conditions may be a slower than usual first half of the year while consumers wait for the right property to come available. 

Nevertheless, conditions remain optimal for the continued pursuit of real estate in the region. As wealth and congestion grow unfettered in the Bay Area, the escape provided by time spent in the mountains becomes ever more precious.

Katie Ty

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