Thursday, June 26, 2014

Obexer's General Store: Tahoe's West Shore

Obexer's General Store: Tahoe's West Shore

Next time you are on the West Shore or want an excuse to go to the West Shore, check out Obexer's General Store.  From the outside it appears to be just another soda pop stop but once you step inside, the options are endless and the history is deep.  Dating back to 1908, this is a true local stop.  This store has it all.  First we hit the deli where they make their brown sugar pepper bacon in house along with options of the Obexter's private label BBQ sauce, marinades and salsas.

Then outside to the deck where beer and wine is now offered. The general store is well curated with carefully selected items included in the mix of food and beverages.  You can find Tahoe guide books, local Tahoe made products, key hiking and camping items, beach toys and a candy selection to please any kids desire!  

While you wait for your sandwich, be sure to look around as you can find touches of the past including original Burton snowboards and the Obexer's family tree. 

I also hear that the access from the lake when you're cruising out on your boat is perfect! 

Katie Tyler

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Listing - Lahontan Lot 25

530 John Moody
Lot 25

Located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac this private home site is waiting for you to build your custom retreat. You will enjoy great sun orientation with views of the 5th green, the 6th fairway, peeks of the Carson Range and Northstar.  A unique offering that is a great value in the Lahontan community.  Prices are rising rapidly, don't miss this opportunity! 

Call me today or click here for more information! 

Katie Tyler

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Monday, June 23, 2014

How to Buy a Lot

Tips For Purchasing a Homesite

Looking for land in Tahoe over the holiday week? I have some tips for you. I can't tell you how many times people want to look at land to build, and don't get out of the car to walk on the sites they are considering. This is a huge mistake! If you are looking to make the first step in a build project investment, the land is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle. You could have an amazing house on a terrible lot and there is nothing that can be done about it no matter how great the house is. So get out of the car, put your sneakers on and have fun with it!

 Some important questions to consider: 
  • Is there a distinctive feature about this lot? (Location, views, size) If the answer is no and you are just looking at another lot in the forest, you might want to keep looking. Especially in large amenity communities like Martis Camp, what is going to make someone want your lot or home in the future vs. other options when there is a lot of inventory? 
  • What is the sun orientation of the lot? Are you someone who likes to spend time on your back patio/deck and enjoy the afternoon sun? If so, make sure the lot accomplishes that goal.
  • Have you looked at all of your options in similar price ranges even if they are in communities you haven't considered? You may find something more suitable or you may reinforce your #1 pick. But spending a little extra time is worth it. Sometimes smaller communities offer a  more intimate feel and have less inventory=better overall value for you personally.
  • Are you informed about any restrictions or design guidelines that could impact your design for your home? Make sure you know what they are before you buy.
  • Have you consulted an architect and/or a builder to come walk the lot with you? Their input can be invaluable when making a decision to buy a lot. 
Just some thoughts and I certainly have many more for land buyers, feel free to contact me with any specific questions.

Katie Tyler

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Tahoe Rim Trail: Week 4

Week 4: Kingsbury Grade to Armstrong Pass

The only thing I can remember is getting to the end and there was nobody around… most importantly… Katie Chappell's mom, our ride home!  

But let's start at the beginning.  This was our day. We had a ride, a day clear of meetings and babies and  a week of rest behind us.  No thunderstorms in the forecast but the wind was definitely blowing.  One step out of the car and we knew it was a long sleeve day, especially with a max elevation expected to be close to 9,700ft, it wasn't going to get warmer.  Again, Katie Chappell was caught without the essentials…it wouldn't be right if we remembered everything…no long sleeves in her pack.  With a quick stop to the closest sports store, problem solved.  We were on our way back to the TRT to head up that stairway and start stage 4 of our adventure. 

With a drive-by drop-off on the side of the road on SR 207, there we were, at the base of what came to be our "Stairway to Heaven" and soon turned into the "Stairway to Heaven(ly)" as we entered into Heavenly Ski Resort.  Up, up and up we go through a thick forest of giant trees.  Not the top yet, but we run into a sign that states the elevation to be 7777ft.  Must be our lucky day! 

From there we start to see the chairlifts of Heavenly Mountain and start to wrap around the mountain gaining endless views of the Carson Valley.  We must be gaining a lot of elevation at this point as we both start to slow down and feel a little loopy and looking even higher to our destination of Freel Peak sitting at 10,886ft.  

Time to take a break and hug the biggest tree we could find.  Aaahhhh, that feel better, okay, back on track and just in time for the trail to turn into a stairway for more up, up, up.  At this point we were looking for Star Lake thinking that this was the half way point. At every turn or roll in the trail we thought it would be right there. Just when we lost all hope… there it was!  An amazing mountain lake sitting right there next to the trail 12 miles behind us, 5 miles ahead of us (so the sign says).  Very relieved that we were farther than half way, we stopped and enjoyed a snack by the water. 

It was slow to get the momentum going again as we hit several snow patches, waterfalls across the trail (beautiful) and crazy wind on this side of the mountain.  At this slower pace we noticed crystal like rocks that we haven't seen yet on the trail.  They seemed out of place but really cool and scattered all over for the next several miles. 

We also noticed some of the coolest trees, and decided to start taking photos of our favorite ones for you to enjoy.

And finally, with one last snow crossing, the summit (well, our summit, just below the tip of Freel Peak). It was amazing terrain, the ground was all sand and looked like the desert with really cool rocks and trees, and Lake Tahoe behind us. 

The wind was howling so we started the descent without sticking around at the top for too long. This was a serious 4 mile downhill as we look way, way down at Lake Tahoe and a small little meadow and rock mountains towering on both sides. We crossed little oasis waterfalls, wound our way down the switchbacks and kept on rolling.

All the way down to Armstrong Pass where the trail splits with option to head down to various parking lots.  This is the end of our section for the week where we will return once more to pick up the TRT and continue again next week. 

From here we needed to take a one mile trail down to a dirt parking area off the 051 dirt road where Ann Linnett will be meeting us.  With 18 miles behind us we made it to the end of the trail.  Only problem is… there is nobody in sight and no cell service. With a hundred scenarios running through our mind, we decided to head down the road towards what we think is towards HWY 89.  About 1 mile down the road we run into a bicyclist who has no idea how far 89 is but does confirm that it is 765 ft elevation drop and this is indeed the road that will take us to the 89 junction. As we worry about what Ann is thinking and where she might be and thinking we hear or see a car around every bend, we continue down the road (more, down, down, down).  Finally, it was real, there she was… the black car waiting for us at the bottom of a very pitted loose section of road that was clearly impassable.  We were so happy to see each other.  Group hug, happy all are safe and sound.  And she even brought us beers!!  Thanks Ann!

With a total of 21 miles, this was our longest run yet!  More ahead of us and happy to be home stretching out those legs!

For all those elementary and middle school girls and all the volunteers that make the Girls On The Run program so great, you are a complete inspiration and got us through every step of this part of the Tahoe Rim Trail.  Thank you and we will be sending you a celebratory donation!  

Next week we will be running for The League To Save Lake Tahoe.  As our mouths hang open in awe of Lake Tahoe on every run and we almost trip and fall as we gaze out into the water instead of keeping our eyes on the trail, it is very important to us that we do all that we can to preserve that deep blue water.  As we run from Armstrong Pass to Big Meadow, we will be thankful for those who continue to look out for jewel of the sierra, Lake Tahoe.  

Wish us luck! 

Katie Tyler

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tahoe Rim Trail: Week 3

Week 3: Spooner Summit to Kingsbury Grade

It's not hard to land our run on a beautiful day in Tahoe.  We did just that.  It's everything else that must align in order for this challenge to continue.  Now that we are getting rather far around the Lake and farther from home, we arranged for Katie Chappell's mom to be our shuttle.  With a late night baby fever at the Tyler house, the shuttle and our adventure had to wait.  Half dressed for work and half dressed for a run the next day, we were waiting on pins and needles to see if the poor little guy's fever would break.  We made the call at 8:30am to jump in the car and do it!  Fortunately, our shuttle driver was still available. 

Off we were to the Spooner Summit Trailhead!  The trail started right away with some up, up up.  Every section seems to have it's own character and uniqueness and as the summer goes on everything is changing before our eyes.  Right away we noticed it's much more green and the wild flowers are starting to show their colors.  

Through tall skinny trees towering over a sea of new growth trees and past fields of mule ears blooming bright yellow, we kept pushing up and up.  At one point we could look back up at Snow Peak and see the trail we descended the week before. 

And then, around the next bend, the top of our run, was Genoa Peak.  Just waiting for us was a bench to enjoy the wide open view of Big Blue.  

From there it was down, down, down.  There was so much to look at: the huge trees, the even bigger rocks that came in all shapes and forms and of course small peaks at Big Blue around every corner.  Next thing we knew, we were looking down on South Lake Tahoe's high buildings and the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course just off the shoreline. 

We could tell we were close to SR 207 and the end of our run.  This is where the trail started to split in many direction.  As long as we kept following the TRT blue arrows, we had to be on the right track.  But then we got spit out onto a fire road with no more blue arrows!!… With a little Google maps by Katie Tyler and Katie Chappell pointing to the spot we wanted to be at on her Tahoe Rim Trail Pocket Guide, we charged ahead and about 5 minutes later, we were there!  Right on the side of the road looking across at a large cement stairway that is waiting for us to come back to and pick up where we left off. 

With another 15 more miles under our belt and another section completed, we will proudly be sending a check to the #FightHardy fund.  We thought about Whitney Hardy the whole way and want her to have the opportunity to run again.

Whitney is the daughter of Tony and Molly Hardy, I can't say enough about what a  great family they are .  Whitney was in a terrible accident while on her evening jog in Boston.  She was struck by a car and is now fighting hard to recover and we want to send her and her family all of our hugs and all the love from everyone in Truckee from high above Lake Tahoe.

For more information  click here 

Next week we will be running from Kingsbury (SR207) to Armstrong Pass.  We will be running for Girls On The Run Sierra.  Girls on the Run is a nation wide program with a local chapter here in the area that started with only one elementary school and has now grown to over 15 sites and always adding more.  The program is dedicated to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.  With two little girls of our own, we look forward to them having the chance to participate and know that we are lucky to have a program like this offered at our local elementary and middle schools.  

Thank you for all the support and wish us luck! 

Katie Tyler

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014 Tahoe Truckee Market Update: May

Tahoe Truckee Market Update
May 2014

Luxury Sales Lead the Market in May
Sales of luxury resort property surged in the month of May with 23 homes selling for $1,000,000 or more. May is often a busy month as transactions entered into at the end of winter often close escrow during this period. And close they did with five Northstar properties trading, including another two sales of Home Run Residences above $2,400,000 plus another four properties in Squaw Valley from $435,000 - $853,000.  Martis Camp saw the sale of seven completed homes in May, including the highest sale ever published in that community for $7,050,000.  This home, sited near the ski slope and Alpine Lodge, combined with the recent sales success of Mountainside’s Home Run are strong indicators of an emerging premium for immediate access to the mountain and its activities, and an acknowledgment of the rising stature of Northstar as a world-class destination resort. 
 While Lake  Tahoe has been the principle draw to the region historically, a new generation of affluent consumers are finding the right fit for their families at Northstar. The opportunity to live luxuriously in the shadow of The Ritz-Carlton while engaging with nature in a setting conducive to quality time and activity with multiple generations is apparent. 

Average Price Increases
 Activity in the overall Tahoe region remained strong with 133 total transactions totaling $114,144,215, $20,000,000 more than the previous next best month year-to-date. While the total number of transactions exactly mirrors that same month in 2013, average price is 40% higher thanks to this overwhelming run of luxury sales. For the year, median price is up 16% despite a (previously) supply constrained market. 
As many potential sellers begin to realize that their home’s equity is nearing its peak value from 2006, the onslaught of new homes typical of spring has been magnified. 317 properties have come to market in the past 30 days alone bringing total inventory for the region up to 899. While this is far from an over saturated market, it does raise the supply to 7.5 months after hovering below 6 months for most of the past year. While many of these sellers are undoubtedly seeking irrational buyers through speculative asking price, the median asking price of all current inventory is only 2% above the median sales price for 2014; a strong indicator that the current velocity of sales should at least maintain at present levels. 
As we enter our summer season, one not dependent on any weather other than the predictably perfect daily high of 75 degrees, the region appears poised for greater success. Memorial Day Weekend, often a non-event for retail or transient activity based upon variable weather and school calendars, brought significant crowds and an earlier-than-usual start to the season. 
We hope you will find time to visit in the near future and look forward to keeping you updated on the dynamics of our market. 

Katie Tyler

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Just Listed: Martis Camp Lot 45

10986 Olana Drive
Lot 45
Martis Camp 

Tucked in the heart of the Martis Camp community above the exclusive Founder's Ridge neighborhood, this home site is the perfect place to build your custom mountain estate. With mature pines, rock outcroppings and views of the Carson Range, this peaceful setting has the right amount of privacy and character to compliment any style of home.

The expansive trail system can be accessed across the street and a short easy hike will lead you to the Lost Library for a picnic or a good book. A social membership is available to access Martis Camp's extensive amenities such as the Tom Fazio golf course, the 18 hole putting park, tennis courts, park pavilion, ski connect, Family Barn and the Camp Lodge. 

Click here for more details and call me today for a private tour! 

Katie Tyler

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Tahoe Rim Trail - Week 2

Week 2: Tunnel Creek to Spooner Lake

Tahoe is known for it's amazing spring weather and we were out there to enjoy it for four beautiful hours last week on the Tahoe Rim Trail. This was our second leg in the series to complete the entire 165 mile Tahoe Rim Trail loop around Lake Tahoe. To start the run we had to run up the 4 mile Tunnel Creek access road (1,700 ft elevation gain) to get to the TRT trailhead where we left off last week. At this point we were feeling good and happy to start our second section. 

We knew this was going to be a tough climbing day but we didn't quite realize how much climbing. The first peak that we conquered was Marlette Peak. After passing through a couple dried up lakes, snow, switchbacks and forest, we pop out on top of the world! 

To the right is a panoramic view of Marlette Lake that looks like it is floating in Lake Tahoe and on the left is the Carson Valley and Washoe Lake. A sight worth every uphill step. 

We ducked back into the trees and ran downhill a bit (where we used our best singing voices to let the bears know where we were) before climbing back up again towards Snow Peak. We were plugging along for what felt like forever when just as we made our way over a massive mound of snow and found the trail again, we saw that we were now (finally) on the other side of Marlette Lake. Again, amazing view of Big Blue, the Tahoe basin, and Marlette far below. 

After some traversing for some windy miles and dodging a threatening thunderstorm, we were in for a long, long, long downhill to Spooner Lake and the trailhead at HWY 50 where we parked our car. The whole time we just wanted to see Spooner Lake so we could have an idea of where we were. Down, down, down, down and down. This section was mostly wooded with a lot of switchbacks and spurs that lead to viewpoints that we decided to skip as our legs were starting to feel the distance. Finally, with 1/4 mile to go, there was Spooner Lake down on our right. Good thing as we were running low on fuel.

With 18 miles, 3800ft elevation gain and a day full of amazing and breathtaking Tahoe sights, we completed our second segment of the Tahoe Rim Trail. We will proudly be sending a donation to the Boys and Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe in celebration.

The Boys & Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe has been a cornerstone of the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee community since opening it doors in 1998. Serving some 1500 youth annually, BGCNLT provides a safe, structured and positive environment for young people before and after school, during holidays and summer vacation. Keep up the awesome work Mindy and crew!!

Next week we will be starting back at Spooner Lake and making our way south to Kingsbury Trailhead. We will be dedicating our run to Whitney Hardy. Whitney is the daughter of Tony and Molly Hardy, I can't say enough about what a great family they are . Whitney was in a terrible accident while on her evening jog in Boston. She was struck by a car and is now fighting hard to recover and we want to send her and her family all of our hugs and all the love from everyone in Truckee from high above Lake Tahoe.

For more information click here

We have received many inquiries on how to support our run and be a part of the giving. Whether it is for one specific group or all 14 we appreciate the generosity and will help figure out the best way for you to participate. You can email me at

Thank you for the support and wish us luck!

Katie Tyler

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