Monday, October 27, 2014

Trick-or-Treat Halloween Parade

Downtown Truckee
Trick-or-Treat Halloween Parade

Downtown Truckee is home to many events including Truckee Thursdays, First Fridays, 4th of July Parade, craft fairs, Homecoming parades, bike races and more.  The Truckee Downtown Merchants  Association will always rise to the occasion with cheer and spirit to make these events shine.  

The most recent event was the Trick-or-Treat Halloween Parade.  This brings hundreds of families together to enjoy downtown and show off their Halloween costume.  The streets are lined with super heroes, princesses, animals, witches and goblins, all with candy bags in tow.  Each shop is handing out candy (or a tooth brush!) for a safe trick-or-treat.  

At 6 o’clock sharp everyone lines up in the street for a festive Halloween parade made up of all the families and their costumes. Starting at the train depot and ending at the recreation center.  

Fun was had by all!  

Don’t miss the next Downtown Truckee event, the Christmas tree lighting!

Train Depot, Downtown Truckee
Friday, November 21, 2014
4pm – 7pm

Katie Tyler

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Tahoe Rim Trail: Overview

Katie and Katie Run the Tahoe Rim Trail

The Experience of  a Lifetime

$5,600 donated. 200 miles of running.  136 days of Summer.  
14 days of Tahoe Rim Trail running. 500 photos taken.  
1 million memories made. 

It all began one day when Katie T. was running her routine loop around the Glenshire trails.  The thought popped into her head that there has so be something more than this…. The Tahoe Rim Trail.  With a quick search on she found a way to break the trail up into 14 day hikes (runs).  The next day at work she presented the idea to Katie C.  We would run a section of the Tahoe Rim Trail once a week till we made it all the way around.  Without hesitation, Katie C. said YES!  
That’s not it!  For each run we would run for a local cause or charity and donate money as we celebrated another piece of the Tahoe Rim Trail completed. 
Now back up and think about logistics.  There are many pieces to this puzzle that we worked through as we ran our way around the Lake. 

Who To Donate To
Both Katies compiled the list of local causes/organizations/inspirations that they felt strongly about donating to.  The first one of course being the Tahoe Rim Trail Foundation!  This was an amazing motivation to be running for something greater than just us.  Each week we would reflect on the chosen cause and relate this back to our run.  For the #FightHardy day we wanted to send Whitney all our love to get her back on her feet and running.  On the Keep Tahoe Blue day we could not be more appreciative of that Big Blue Lake we continued to see in front of us.  On the Max Krieg day we got to remember his love for life and his laughter.  For each an every day we are thankful for these organizations who are making our area a better place to be as they care for others and protect the environment that we live in, and for the people in some cases who are no longer with us who have touched our hearts that we will never forget.

Each run = $ Donation
Section 1: Tahoe Rim Trail Association 
Section 2: Boys and Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe 
Section 3: Whitney Hardy #FightHardy 
Section 4: Girls on the Run Sierra 
Section 5: League to Save Lake Tahoe (Keep Tahoe Blue) 
Section 6: The Sivao Family- Jonathan Sivao fighting cancer
Section 7: In Memory of Greg Tiller: Tahoe Forest Hospice 
Section 8: Project MANA 
Section 9: Truckee Donner Land Trust 
Section 10: Tahoe SAFE Alliance 
Section 11: Truckee Trails Foundation 
Section 12: In Memory of Max Krieg: Excellence in Education 
Section 13: In Honor of Dr. Brooks Bloomfield of Doctors Office For Pets: MSA Coalition Section 14: High Fives Foundation 

Mapping Out the Course
Where do we start?  Do we jump around or go on a consistent path?  Where are the trailheads?  How do we get there?  What do we do for food and water?  Due to forest service gate closings, knowledge of the trail and proximity, we decide to start at Mt. Rose Meadows and run to Tunnel Creek.  This started our adventure running clockwise around the lake.  We decided we wanted to do it all in one direction in the correct order so we wouldn’t leave all the hard or far ones to the end.  This proved to be a bit harder on some days as running the opposite direction would have been easier but we felt that it would be cool to do it this way so made it a ‘rule’ for ourselves. No short cuts.

Training for the Rim 
It was Tuesday, May 20th when Katie T. came to the office with this idea.  Katie C. was so pumped on it that she wanted to get started right away!   How about Thursday?…  Well, turns out that there is a huge storm that day, run cancelled, super bummed.  Was this going to be the beginning of the end for our adventure?  Run rescheduled for Tuesday, May 27th.  Bright blue skies, warm sun shining, Katie T's birthday,  a perfect start to our adventure.  
Prior to this day, Katie T. was starting to ramp up her running as she was thinking about a marathon in November.  An average run for her was about 5-7 miles.  Katie C. was getting back on her feet after a long running hiatus due to pregnancy and was up to an average run of about 3-4 miles.  So, our first run of 12 miles was the longest run for both of us in a long time.  The 18 mile run the following week shaped us up real fast.  We were diving into this full speed and training as we go.   

Getting to the Trail
The first couple weeks we shuttled ourselves by driving all the way to the end of our run section, dropping a car, driving to the start, running and then driving back to the start to pick up the other car.  When we drove an hour, one way, to get to Spooner Lake for the second run, we knew that we were going to need help getting to the next sections.  From here on out we are so thankful to our family who helped get us to and from the runs.  Katie C.’s mom, Ann, was a huge help for most of our runs.  Katie C.’s Aunt, Nancy,  stepped in to take us to the end to drop a car and the start to drop us off for run #8.  Katie T’s husband Brad took a whole day to get us to run #5 and Katie T.’s mom, Sue, got us to our furthest point at Echo Lake for run #7.  We are so thankful to these people for helping us make this goal a reality.  

Mom Takes a Day to Run
Sometimes these run days would start early in the morning and we wouldn’t make it home until well after after 5 at night.  This happened especially when we were doing the South Lake sections.  Katie T. with 2 children and Katie C. with one, this means childcare needs to be arranged for the day from daycare to babysitters to Grandparents to Daddy duty.  Some days this meant an extra day at daycare or another day with the babysitter and the dads were always there to take on some early mornings alone and a few late nights with the kiddos.  Again we are thankful to have such great support from these people that helped make things work so that we had enough time to run these long sections.

Work Balance
The Real Estate world doesn’t have set hours-it is always active 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  For a day of running we would need to schedule around meetings and appointments but could always finish follow-up after running, dinner, kids bath time and bedtime, usually into the late hours of the night.  As for phone calls, emails and urgent matters, we would stop on the trail and Katie T. would take care of business.  This was just yet another piece of the puzzle that had to fall into place to clear the day for a run. Fortunately we have some extremely accomplished runners at work who understood our addiction and helped us out at the office while encouraging us on our journey (Thanks JB & JT). 

The Puzzle Comes Together
There are a lot of reasons why this pipe dream of Katie T’s could not work but we threw all those reasons aside and focused on the ways that it can work.  Each week we would put our heads together, compare work schedules, life schedules and driver availability and most weeks this summer we made a Tahoe Rim Trail run happen.  No matter what it took to get out on the trail, once we were our there, all our troubles seemed to melt away as we climbed, weaved and bobbed through the forest surrounding Lake Tahoe.  Each and every run left us with a great appreciation for the trail, the outdoors, the Big Blue Lake we call home and running itself.  With such a large area covered we got to experience all the different landscapes that the area has to offer.  Highlights from unbelievable views of the Lake, wildflowers that towered over our head, rock formations that could be sculptures in a city museum, mountain cliffs that towered above, bald mountaintops that reminded you of a vast desert.  The sights were always in front, behind and around us leaving us with a “WOW” around every corner.  

We feel very fortunate to have been able to experience and complete this epic journey. We hope that you are inspired to get out on the Tahoe Rim Trail too, we promise it will be worth it!  Stay tuned for news about plans for our next great running adventure …

Katie Tyler

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Tahoe Rim Trail: Week 14

Week 14: Martis Peak to Mt. Rose Meadows

This day started with a mix of emotions.  This was the day for our last section of the Tahoe Rim Trail.  Run 14 of 14 on our epic journey around the lake.  Always going clockwise, each week taking off from where we left the trail the week before.  After this run we will be done.  That in itself was very exciting, to think that we are that close to finishing our goal of completing the entire Tahoe Rim trail.  At the same time it was a sad day to think that the adventure must come to an end.  Either way, we were both up, eyes wide open, at all hours of the night in anticipation of the big day (well, that, and for Katie C., a restless, teething one year old).  

The day began with a drive up road 16N92 to get to where we left the trail last week at Martis Peak.  We get out of the car and it is quite a bit colder than we anticipated but the air is clear and the sun is shining bright.  It’s going to be a good day. 

Off on the trail we go through the trees and right away we’re on a on a steady incline.  As the trail winds up and around towards Mt. Baldy, we past some great rock formations, a lone broccoli tree and snow!

Around the next bend we are rewarded with a wide open view with Lake Tahoe to the left and Northstar down to Martis Valley to the right.  Wow, so much to see!  We stop to take in the panoramic view and can’t believe how far we can see.  

Then, up a little higher to the top of Mt. Baldy and the view opened up even more now with the Lake, big and extra blue today laid out in front of us.  In the distance is Freel Peak dusted with snow.  We reminisce about section 4 back in June and that brutal climb over the highest peak in the Tahoe Basin.  

After taking it all in and feeling gratitude that we could be in this place at this time, we get back to the trail and enter Mt. Rose Wilderness area.  Straight ahead in the distance is Diamond Peak Ski Resort. 

The trail opened up as we start to run across a steep, exposed slope.  We are both concentrating on the trail and Katie C. looks up and shrieks… Oh my goodness!!  We stop dead in our tracks as arguably the best view of our entire adventure is right there in front of us.  We are standing on this steep pitch with a wide open view of Tahoe debating whether or not this is the best view on the TRT.  We couldn’t decide, there have been some pretty magical moments on each and every section. (We have learned that it is not good to sightsee and run at the same time-sure bet for an ankle disaster).

Now we are about half way into the run, still enjoying the most amazing views of Big Blue.  We couldn’t even make it 5 minutes without stopping as our eyes are glued to the sights of Lake Tahoe to our right and it just keeps getting better!  Then suddenly, after being alone on the trail so far, there are two women on the side of the trail.  They are hiking this section in the opposite direction.  We take each others photos, share some stories,  and off we go!

Still hugging the side of the mountain the trail building is beautiful as all of the TRT has been.  As we round the a corner on a bed of rocks hanging over the steep pitch below, we can’t help but be thankful that this incredible trail is in our back yard.  Just then we start heading down and there is a TRT trail crew in action!  We get to thank them personally for the hard work.  We tell them where we are heading and they tell us the best route to take on Relay Pass which they inform us is still another 1000 foot elevation gain ahead of us. 

The short downhill section starts to flatten out and wrap around the mountain and LOOK!… our destination, in the distance, Mt. Rose Meadows with it’s fall colors shining bright and the tiny little highway running through it.  Wow! Are we almost there?…. No, we have Relay Peak to conquer first. 

And that is when the stairs and switchbacks start to get us up to 10,336 ft. As we climb we circle around the backside of the mountain and look back at Northstar again, now looking very far away. We find some snow and throw some snowballs off into the abyss below.  Up and up we see more snow and the trees start getting small and more wind blown.  

The top!  The highest point of the entire TRT!  We are on top of the world looking around at the 360 degree view.  Lake Tahoe, Northstar, Donner Lake, Martis Valley, Prosser Reservoir, Boca Reservoir, Carson Valley, Carson Range and back to Big Blue.

Now it’s time to go down, down down.  Off the peak we go and leave the Mt. Rose Wilderness area.  Still high above, we are looking over to Mt. Rose Ski Resort and down on a golden meadow.  We stop and take it all in as we know that the end is nearing.  Katie C. takes some more photos, Katie T. watches the planes above and eventually we snap out of it and start moving again.  

Swooping down the mountain as the rocks start to tower above as we sink into the first meadow that hovers just above the Mt. Rose HWY.  Just as we hit the meadow floor to the left of the trail is a jagged rock wall with water still flowing down the falls and golden bushes springing out through the rock as colorful woodpeckers fly in and out to get a taste of the fresh water. 

From here the trail starts to head up again out of this meadow towards the highway and Mt. Rose Meadows.  At this point we can see Mt. Rose Meadows to our right but the trail keeps heading east past our end point.  Then pop!… The trail comes to an end at Mt. Rose HWY.  We celebrate, hug, high five and have our photo taken!  

But we’re not quite done yet… we still have to get back to where we started this adventure back in May and that is on the other side of the highway down by the meadow.  So, across the highway we go to an unmarked road with no trail in sight.  This is a good time to look at the map!  Yep, there is the trail right there on the map that hugs the highway back to where we want to be.  So we decided to keep following the paved path (only real choice) to see what we can see.  There it is!  The blue arrow and our way back to the original parking lot where we started.  It says that we are 1.7 miles away.  Much farther than we thought we had (considering we thought we were done about 1/2 mile ago), but we had to get there.  

Getting there was amazing!  It is flat and maybe a little downhill and we are running through golden bushes.  Much to our surprise (much shorter than 1.7 miles) we look up and we can see the tip of the structure in the parking area.  We made it!!  We start celebrating!  Screaming and yelling as we run towards Katie C.’s mom who is waiting for us with a bunch of blue balloons, two bouquets of flowers, TRT necklaces and beer!!  We are here, we did it!  We are at the end of our run, our great adventure, our 14 sections, all summer long, we did it!!  Thank you Ann for making the ‘finish line’ such a festive celebration! 

We will proudly be sending a check to High Fives Foundation as we give ourselves many high fives for finishing our great summer adventure.  We appreciate the High Fives Foundation for supporting those who have had a life-altering injury while pursuing their Winter adventures.  Thank you High Fives for all that you are doing! 

We also want to acknowledge a dear friend and wonderful person who unexpectedly passed away this past week, John Neary. Katie T. served on the Board of Directors at The Boys and Girls Club with John, and we spent a lot of time talking about what an amazing person he was. Always ready to jump in and do what needed to be done, a kind heart and a person who never stopped giving back. John will be deeply missed by the Tahoe community and beyond, he was a rare soul with such a generous spirit. Love you John. 

Katie Tyler

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Tahoe-Truckee Market Update 3Q, 2014

Tahoe-Truckee Market Update
3Q, 2014

In reviewing the performance of the Tahoe-Truckee resort real estate market through the 3rd quarter of 2014, the driving sentiment seems to be one of anticipation. The regional market has been on a steady upswing since 2012 and continues to show little volatility compared to much of the previous decade.  

Similarly, the total number of real estate transactions has declined year-over-year but remains robust when compared to historical performance.

Demand for the region remains robust based upon a number of factors that have recently media gained attention.   An article recently published on makes the point that resort towns have been strong investments for the ultra-wealthy citing strong appreciation; a 5.9% increase in value for the top resort towns globally and 13.3% for those in North America.

Tahoe has outperformed both statistics with 16% appreciation year-over-year.

Why Tahoe flourishes alongside high-profile destination areas including Vail, Park City and Aspen is easily understood when looking at the high-caliber Northern California communities that most frequently supply our consumers. 

Forbes Magazine recently published the “List of America's Most Expensive Zip Codes” and California provided 38% of the Top 100 entries. In fact, the Silicon Valley enclave of Atherton claimed the title of the single-most expensive zip code in the country with the current median asking price of $9.03 million. 
The article goes on to explain that Atherton and other neighboring towns offer proximity to the area’s tech start-ups and biggest companies including Apple, Facebook, Google and Oracle.  These young executives and their families are drawn to Tahoe as their sanctuary.   It remains to be seen which technology titan will grab the recently listed Shakespeare Ranch in Tahoe’s Glenbrook neighborhood (contributing to its status as the #31 most-expensive zip code in the country).

As we look toward winter, anticipation is piqued for the winter we deserve. The first dusting of snow earlier in the month brought a surge of social media activity that clearly indicates a longing for a great ski season. The 4th quarter will undoubtedly see a surge in activity as we launch into winter.

Katie Tyler

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Tahoe Rim Trail: Week 13

Week 13: HWY 267 to Martis Peak

Four weeks without a Tahoe Rim Trail run in the epic series of the Katie and Katie adventure around Lake Tahoe and we were itching to get back to it.  We are so happy to be on the trail,  carving our way around the North side of the lake!  We missed the winding trail, the gigantic trees towering above us, the sight of that big blue lake when you least expect it as every time is a wondrous beauty.  The thrill of running together is back! 

We started out at the top of HWY 267 where we ended our run with the group of 6 lively girls on a special day of remembrance of Max Krieg.  This week we started on the Fiberboard Freeway for a few hundered yards before taking a left onto the TRT.  Down a short switchback section for about a mile before we hit HWY 267 again and have to cross to start the ascent up to Marits Peak.  

At first it is hard to get back into the groove of the tough terrain that the TRT is always throwing at us, but after a few steep switchbacks, we found a good pace and kept climbing.  

Not so quick… Katie T. is dealing with a slight ankle issue so we had a short pit-stop to adjust the tape that is the latest theory on how to help this pestering pain.  A small adjustment and we’re back on the trail feeling good. 

As we wind out of the switch backs we cross a field full of crispy mules ears.  This time of year it’s great to hear them rustle in the wind and to look out beyond to the changing colors of fall.

After being tucked into the trees we pop out again and find ourselves on a full rock (ankle breaker) single track.  

This takes us to a stunning panoramic view of Lake Tahoe all the way from South Shore to Northstar.  This is one of the best views we have had our entire adventure! WOW!  Look all all around! 

We could spend all day, week or year here but we get back on the trail and keep on our way.  Shortly up the trail we come to the Martis Peak parking area where our run ends for the week.  What a great section! 

Throughout the run we thought about our dear friend Dr. Brooks Bloomfield as we passed 2 gorgeous coyotes on the Fiberboard, watched enormous Red Tail Hawks soaring through the mules ear meadow and a passed sweet black Labrador dog hiking with his human. There was much natural beauty to appreciate and also some unexpected wildlife appearances that Brooks would love. We are sending our love to Brooks and his family along with a donation to the MSA Coalition.  We appreciate all the effort this organization is putting towards the support, education, research and advocacy of Multiple System Atrophy. And most of all, we appreciate you Brooks. Big hugs from the Tahoe Rim Trail to you.

Next week will be our final section of the Tahoe Rim Trail.  We will be running for the High Fives Foundation.  As we give ourselves a high five for completing this unforgettable epic adventure we will also be giving to this organization that is helping athletes that have suffered a life-altering injury while pursuing their dreams in the winter action sports community.  Thank you High Fives for all that you are doing! 

Katie Tyler

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