Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is here...

Well, I have to say that it was easy for summer to sneak up on me since I spent the last 3 weeks in the Grand Canyon and all of a sudden we are almost to the 4th of July weekend...

The Grand Canyon trip was too amazing to even try and summarize here. I can say that it was life changing and that if you ever get an opportunity to go, it is worth every second.

The weather in Tahoe has turned! Our fabulous summer days are here again. There really is nothing like it. I was out on the lake the other day and it amazes me how every time I am there, the lake looks different and I am in awe of its beauty. I have attached my artsy photo for your enjoyment. Yes, it is rough to live in such a beautiful place.

There are a ton of events and activities going on this coming weekend. I would recommend you go to the link and plan your visit.

A couple of new items, if you are wondering where you should go hiking or biking, go to . The best thing about Tahoe is that you can always find a trail or a ride that you have never done before.

Please take a look at the link on the side of my page for the Gene Upshaw Memorial Golf Classic link. This event will be held at Gray's Crossing and there are still some spots open if you want to put a team together and sign up.
Also, I have recently heard of the "Wanderlust" music festival coming to Squaw, I will leave the link on my page for that too. Sounds like a good line up.
The real estate world is on fire. This time in a good way... I will give you the lowdown in my next edition.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Katie is back! civilization, at least.

Katie and Brad debarked the raft yesterday and are on their way to Las Vegas, then home to Truckee. Katie sounds great! Exhilarated! A small excerpt from her "I'm home" email:

"We have returned! What an amazing experience. We are re-absorbing into society now and it is rough. Everything is bright and loud and busy. {hello - Las Vegas? Megan's comment}

The trip was a spectacular adventure. We were very fortunate. we only had one "incident" and that was one boat flipped in a rapid (not ours) but the people jumped on it, flipped it over-no gear was lost and the people were fine. It is amazing that was all there was to report because the ingredients were all around us for more incidents. No sicknesses, no injury, no fights, no drama, no sunburns, - just sore feet and lots of bruises and scratches was all. We had plenty of food, water, beer, sunscreen, etc..."

Yay! We are so happy she is happy - and safe :) I am looking forward to hearing and seeing about all of their adventures - I'm sure she will share them here as well.

I will hurry and post my "Best of Tahoe - Visitor Edition - Part 2" before they get back home and Katie takes the blog keys away ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Favorite things to do in Tahoe - Visitor Edition - Part 1

Megan here again (Katie's sister). While Katie is taking on nature during her three week adventure down the Grand Canyon, I have been putting together some of my favorite things to do when visiting Tahoe. We go up a couple times a year and I have to say, while snow sports would be the obvious #1 attraction in Tahoe - there are many other fun things to do - even when there is no snow on the ground. Here are a few from the 3 - 4x a-year visitor. As I started putting this together, I realized I am going to have to break this up into two parts - so many great things to do! So here goes -- Part 1:

1. Sunnyside
Katie has already mentioned Sunnyside in a previous post - but it bears another mention. Go for the best deck on the Lake - a beautiful, peaceful setting on the West side. Ahhh... makes me a little more relaxed just thinking about it... You can also stay at the lodge there, which I've never done, but heard is also very nice. A short drive away from Tahoe City.

2. Horse back riding at Squaw, I mean Northstar
While I am sure there are many horse back riding outfits around the lake, our favorite is at the base of Squaw Valley. If you have little riders, like we do, you can pay a small fee for them to sit on a friendly pony and ride in a ring led by an adult for 30 minutes. Kids love it - at least under the age of six. So, as I search to find a link to the stables - there is a notice that there is no longer horse back riding in Squaw Valley. Go figure. So without having gone to these other stables - try the Northstar stables.

3. Appetizers at Lone Eagle Grill
The food is amazing, but even more amazing is sitting on their patio next to a fire pit watching the sun set with a good adult beverage. This is a must-do every time we go to Tahoe, regardless of the time of year. You will also get to see the famous "Tahoe Luke" - or as we call him in my family - Luuuuke! (love those leather pants!) He can play just about any song you request - he is especially good at the Dan Fogelberg/James Taylor/Eagles tunes. (Note: There are many photos of Luke to choose from on his web site - and this one seemed nice enough. Looking at the photo today - I just noticed , is Luke sitting on a guard rail on the side of the road, playing his guitar, posing for a picture?)

4. Brunch at Gar Woods
Another wonderful place to eat with an amazing deck overlooking the lake. The brunch is amazing - as well as the rest of their menu. If you are there in the evening, you might catch a Tahoe Luke sighting (see #3). Don't forget to try their famous drink - the Wet Woody.

5. Squaw Valley - summer

Buy a cable car pass to ride to the top of the mountain. It is a beautiful hike down. If you are ready to spend the whole day there, bring your bathing suit and swim in the pool at the top of the mountain/gondola. (Apparently, there is also a spa up there - I haven't check that out yet.) You will have never swam at a pool with a more breathtaking view :) Great lunch options served as well. There is also the Olympic museum at the top - very interesting - check out those wood skis from 1960!

Okay, that's all for today. I realize this was heavy on the eating and drinking. Next time we will go on to more important topics... like shopping!

Update from the Grand Canyon

Katie was able to use the ONLY phone in the Grand Canyon to call and check in on June 5th. Update from my Dad who got the call:

"They are having a lot of fun, everything going very well; they have run outof ice. Beer still in large supply. She sounds very energized and happy.

They are spending the night at Phantom Ranch on the Colorado River. You can see it if you download Google Earth and click the one that says "Phantom Ranch Colorado River" then click "mile 87.5". I suspect there are several other views but this one works.

There were a lot of people waiting for the phone and she sends love to all. Next point of contact will not be before the 15th--I think that is correct as the phone was sort of fuzzy."

Warm beer is better than no beer... ;-)

(This is not actually Katie and Brad, but these are rafters on the Grand Canyon...
so they could look just like this. This is called the
"Lava Fields Rapid" -
you can ask Katie about it when she gets back)