Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Katie is back!

...to civilization, at least.

Katie and Brad debarked the raft yesterday and are on their way to Las Vegas, then home to Truckee. Katie sounds great! Exhilarated! A small excerpt from her "I'm home" email:

"We have returned! What an amazing experience. We are re-absorbing into society now and it is rough. Everything is bright and loud and busy. {hello - Las Vegas? Megan's comment}

The trip was a spectacular adventure. We were very fortunate. we only had one "incident" and that was one boat flipped in a rapid (not ours) but the people jumped on it, flipped it over-no gear was lost and the people were fine. It is amazing that was all there was to report because the ingredients were all around us for more incidents. No sicknesses, no injury, no fights, no drama, no sunburns, - just sore feet and lots of bruises and scratches was all. We had plenty of food, water, beer, sunscreen, etc..."

Yay! We are so happy she is happy - and safe :) I am looking forward to hearing and seeing about all of their adventures - I'm sure she will share them here as well.

I will hurry and post my "Best of Tahoe - Visitor Edition - Part 2" before they get back home and Katie takes the blog keys away ;)

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