Friday, January 22, 2010

Days of Powder are here....

It may seem like all I talk about lately is snow. Well, that is because all it has been doing lately is snowing. Which = talking about snow all of the time. It consumes your life because it takes forever to get anywhere, you have to dig out of your house in the morning and several times at night, and, of course, you have to ski as much as possible. It is a lot of work! This photo was taken yesterday afternoon on 89 right by Squaw.....lots of snow.....

Storm totals in the past week were between 6 and 7 feet for most of the resorts. That is pretty amazing. My friends and clients have been texting me non stop to find out what the latest news is.
We are hearing that more is on the way next week. It has been a good January. Hope you can enjoy some of the "white gold" that we have been so lucky to get.

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