Friday, June 18, 2010

Western Mountain Resort Real Estate Website

I went to a conference the other day that involved the Western Mountain Resort Alliance. There were representatives present from Sun Valley, Vail, Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge, Park City, and N. Tahoe. I felt at home at this conference as I have been involved in real estate in most of the resort communities mentioned and could relate to the reports from these areas.

Anyway, I have on several occasions had clients ask me how other resort markets are doing and what they can get for "x" price in Tahoe, Vail, and Park City (for instance).

This website is very cool You can do a side by side search of different mountain communities and use the same criteria. So if I wanted to see what I could get for $800K in different areas, this website gives me a tool to search the MLS for several resort areas and compare values.

The site also has informative features to help if you are visiting a certain area, it gives weather and snow conditions, etc...

I am going to add this site as a link on my blog page and encourage you to check it out. This is a valuable and fun tool that I never knew about! Enjoy!!

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