Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good press for Vail Resorts, KSL and Tahoe

It seems like there has been an awful lot of media attention focused on Tahoe with the money going into the major Tahoe resorts via Vail Resorts and KSL. With the announcement last week that Vail Resorts is acquiring Kirkwood, it is apparent that Tahoe is well on its way to being the next major world class ski destination.

Some people have mixed feelings about this, which is understandable. There is a certain charm to the smaller resorts and the non-megaresort feel. However from the economic standpoint for jobs, tourism, and responsibly managed development, it is fantastic news.

I was born and raised in Colorado and I get the vision of what is trying to be accomplished here and am very excited about the confidence in the area and the changes. I think the end product will be very good overall.

That being said, here is an interesting article from the Denver Post this morning about the "elevation" of the Tahoe resorts by Colorado companies.

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