Saturday, July 28, 2012

The fabulous Lakefront life...

The real estate profession has given me access to see a lot of amazing lakefront homes both on and off the market and I appreciate the diversity of the regions around the lake and homes within those regions. That is the lens that I have been using to view the lakefront life.

I am fortunate enough to have been staying in a lakefront home in Carnelian Bay for the week with my in laws who rented it, and I can say the lakefront life is bliss.

Living or visiting the Tahoe area, most of us get to enjoy the lake from afar or for a day trip visit which is very special. However, a typical trip to the lake includes prep at home, driving, traffic, parking, finding a beach/boat launch (limited), situating for your activity of choice and then packing it all up to go home again. It is usually worth it but definitely a lot of preparation and often you need to bring a lot of extra patience as well. This leads many people to believe that the lake is too crazy, crowded and congested in the summer which is often an objection I hear when I have clients considering living at or near the lake.

After spending the first few days at my new temporary lakefront address, the convenience is much better than even I imagined. I can say with full confidence that it is a different world when you can wake up at 5:45, watch the sun come up (magical-see photo above), put on your swimsuit, walk out the door and go paddle boarding for 2 hours. I am here on a busier weekend in mid "crazy" summer, and there were barely any boats in the water until about 11:00 AM. That gave me about 2 hours to paddle, come home, pick up some late risers from the house and go out and wake surf on glass water for another 2 hours before the masses can get it together and get out on the lake. By that time, it is lunch on the deck, drying off on "our" dock in the sun and planning the fun for the rest of the day. There is absolutely nothing to stress about except whether your swimsuit will dry or if you should just grab another one.

There is no awareness of traffic, parking, "schlepping" to find a spot on a beach, it is all just right in front of you waiting for you to take advantage of the day. The "busyness" is all happening out your front door, but out your back door a whole new reality of possibilities await. We don't go wait in line to get a table at a crowded lakefront restaurant (with all due respect to the Garwoods Wet Woody and the Sunnyside Mai Tai), we just sit on our deck, or look out our enormous picturesque windows at the panoramic lake landscape. Then its out for another round of lake fun, the kids are refueled, inflatables ready.

The evenings are enchanting after the wind dies down, the boaters go home, the alpenglow appears and you can watch the whole scenery morph with the end of the day and the setting of the sun. (Also another great time to hop out your door for a quick paddle or ride session off of the boat). Fantastic California wine and apps on the pier, good food, good company, it truly is the good life. And so relaxing.

Now, I often get asked by my clients if the high price tag of the lakefront home is worth it? Absolutely, without question. I'll say it again, this is the good life. And there are very few who are lucky enough to be living it lakefront style.

There is a reason for the premium you pay, there is no other Lake Tahoe, available properties to buy are limited, this location will always be desirable. And with prices better than ever and interest rates lower then ever it's time to jump in! (Literally)!  If you can afford it. For now, I will continue to pretend that this is my life for the rest of the week, play the lottery, and enjoy my new-found perspective, and live vicariously through other people's lakefront properties.

Cheers! My boat awaits...

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