Monday, September 8, 2014

Tahoe Rim Trail: Week 12

Week 12: Watson Lake to HWY 267

This week we had Martha Kreig join us for this very special run that is dedicated to her son, Max Kreig  who lost his life at the age of 5.  With Martha comes many girlfriends who love and support her every day as running buddies.  So, for this run, she brought Katie Benty and Jenny Wilson, and we also were joined by Laura Brown, Executive Director of Excellence in Education!  So, we had 4 guest runners this week!  We're ready to have some fun out on the trail.

We all gathered at the end of the trail (6 cars, 2 dogs and 6 women) ready to run.  Luckily Jenny had a car that could hold all us all so we only had to take one car to Watson Lake where our run would begin.  After getting aquatinted in the car… it took Jenny some time to sort out 3 different Katie's… We made it to Watson Lake. 

It was a perfect day to be out on the trail running with bright blue skies and the sun just warming up.  We all start off around the trail that skirts around Watson Lake before turning right into the woods.  We all kept a good pace line for the first couple of miles with one stop to take it all in. Lots of chatting! 

Through the first golden meadow filled with crispy mule ears we find a Tahoe Rim Trail trail crew.  We are lucky for the volunteers that keep this trail in good shape for our enjoyment.  They all got 6 'thank you's' as we trotted by.  

As we hit mile 3 and 4 the trail began to go up and Katie T kept pace with Martha and Laura in the front as Katie C was dragging behind today and Katie B and Jenny held back to keep her moving.  The trail kept inching up and up as we keep wrapping around Lake Tahoe and we all are chugging along.  Then we get to a break in the trees and we see an amazing view of Big Blue way down below. 

A bit further and we are looking off to Diamond Peak ski resort where we will be heading to in the next couple of weeks. Wow, that looks far away now. 

The trail crosses the Fibreboard Freeway and then we have a very steep but short pitch before it's all downhill to the car.  For the whole downhill you can see Lake Tahoe in the distance to the right across skeletal trees towering over beds of manzanita bushes.  The Tahoe National Forest has so much beauty to be enjoyed! 

And there we are, we made it!  6 miles, 6 girls and 600 feet climbed! 

Hugs all around to remember the fun loving, charismatic, thoughtful, funny, smart, loving boy Max.  We love you so much and think about you every day.

We will proudly be sending a check to Excellence in Education in celebration of another section completed!  Thank you for making the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District better with classroom enhancements, teacher awards and training, specialized programs to help grade level literacy and much, much more!  We appreciate all that you contribute to our children.

Next section we will be running for a very dear person to us, and Truckee's animals and humans alike, Dr. Brooks Bloomfield. Meeting someone like Brooks is a very rare occurrence, he has such a big heart and kind soul-his connection with the animals he treats (our pets!) is so evident and his compassion and caring attitude is refreshing in a time where sometimes people seem like they are on auto-pilot. Brooks has been diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) and at this time there is no known cure. Brooks treated my dear dog Jasper (Weimaraner) through an aging disease, and gave us his constant care, attention, love, and nightly emails to see how Jasper was doing, all while he was battling MSA and having serious personal struggles. It amazes me to this day that he cared so much about what we (and Jasper) were going through when he had so much pain and discomfort to deal with. That's just who Brooks is, though, thinking about others before himself. 
Click here to read this touching article about Brooks, his dear family and MSA.  

We will be sending a donation to The MSA Coalition to further support, education, research and advocacy for this rare disease.

We love and appreciate you so much Brooks.

Katie Tyler

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c 530 277 1012 

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