Thursday, February 2, 2017

Your Tahoe Home: Snow & Ice

Your Tahoe Home: Snow & Ice

The winter we have all been waiting for is here! The storms are piling up more snow and more snow on top of what the previous storms already dumped. This week we are expecting another set of storms. This is great news for the entire region and especially for snow sports. In addition to having fun in the winter wonderland, it’s important to keep tabs on how the snow load is impacting your Tahoe home.

Building codes in the area do account for snow loads in the area but with this record breaking month, it is important to watch for signs of stress on your house due to the snow. If doors or windows begin to stick, or if drywall cracks start appearing, that may be in indicator that some roof snow removal should take place.

Shoveling a roof can be very dangerous. It is highly recommended to hire a professional. This will avoid potential damage to the roofing materials and injury to yourself due to falling off the roof or ladder.

Also, ice dams can form and be of concern. Ice dams are caused by the fluctuation in temperature with warm days and cold nights or heat escaping form the home. Any oversized icicles or ice buildup on your roof should be taken seriously. The ice will redirect melting water and can cause greater potential of water intrusion into the home. If you sense any type of leaking in the home, this is an immediate signal that you must remove snow and ice from your roof.

Removing ice from the edge of the roof is best done with non-salt chemical de-icersor electrical de-icing cables. Do not try to hack off with shovels, hatchets or hammers. This will only cause more damage to the roof. Again, it is best to use a professional to evaluate the issue and perform the work. Reputable roofing companies have tools that will help remove snow and ice from your roof without causing damage.

Enjoy all the snow and the fun that it brings, but don’t forget to take a second look at your home and roof to make sure you stay warm, leak free and safe all winter long.

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