Friday, April 24, 2009

If you build it, they will come...

A lot of folks ask me what there is to do in the spring in the Tahoe area. Spring is actually my favorite time of year. So is summer. And fall. And winter. Well, really, Tahoe is perfect for all seasons, I guess.

We have a very special new baseball team in the area, the Reno Aces. They are the minor league team for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Opening day was on April 17th and was sold out. We were able to get tickets for the 18th. What a treat! If you are in the area, I highly recommend a visit to the new ballpark for a game.

Tickets were only $9 and the seats were great! There was a group of about 18 of us that went. We ate downtown, walked to the park, enjoyed gorgeous sunset and a warm evening participating in America's favorite pastime.

Ski report:

Squaw is still open and the conditions are unseasonably good! They have new snow as of today!

A group of us ventured down to Kirkwood and Mammoth this past week and had a blast! Kirkwood is closing this weekend, Mammoth does not close until Memorial Day... the snow was perfect in the morning, a little sloppy in the afternoon.

Golf Course Report:
Old Greenwood and Gray's Crossing open on May 15th. Coyote Moon opens on May 22nd. Old Brockway in King's Beach is already open if you need to hit some balls...
Weather Vane Brad says:
Mild and breezy until Tuesday (40's and 50's) and then a small system lacking moisture will move in Tuesday and Wednesday. Unsettled spring weather for the rest of the week.

On a Green Note:

In honor of Earth Day, Disney is planting a tree for every person who buys a ticket to the new "Earth" movie through April 28th. Good stuff.

Next time let's talk some real estate...

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