Monday, April 20, 2009

The Nephew Day - Part II

Well, many of the area ski mountains closed yesterday, so you will have to save these tips for next season...

1. Parking-there is a pay lot just below the bus turn around. On weekdays, it is usually $20 weekends can get up to $50. There is free shuttle in parking. I would recommend dropping the kids off first, locating a Northstar cart, and then driving back out to the shuttle parking. It is near the gas station right off Hwy. 267. It seems like a pain at first, but really the shuttles run all of the time and it usually doesn't take that long.

2. The Northstar Pull Cart-usually they stack them up right by the skier drop off area next to the real estate office. If you can't find one, look around or ask an employee. They wear yellow jackets and there are information areas designated with a white umbrella all over the Village.

3. Ski School Reservations-for Northstar go to and the site will guide you through which age level class your child needs to be in and the various packages you can choose. Make sure you print out your confirmation code and bring it with you the day of the lessons. It is important to do this early as the classes fill up.

4. If you don't want to deal with renting equipment at Northstar, which sometimes can be a nightmare, I have 2 suggestions. One is Tahoe Dave's. Their equipment is good, you can reserve online, and they are used to dealing with a lot of people. They are also very reasonable. . The second option is Black Tie Ski Rentals. They actually deliver equipment to where you are staying so you don't have to go anywhere at all. They are a little bit more expensive, but the convenience may be worth it. Go to and choose the North Tahoe location to begin. I know the guys that own the company and they are awesome. One thing to note is that helmets are provided with ski school so you don't need to rent one.

5. Starbucks-Is located in the Village right by the ice skating rink.

6. Sunscreen-Can be purchased in the Northstar Logo store which is a few storefronts down on the left when you are walking from the skier drop off, or True North which is on the right after the skier drop off area.

7. Ski School Drop off-Is on the south side of the ice skating rink. You will see signs above the doors where you should go in. Once you get there, you will be greeted and shown which line you are to be in for the age group(s) of your child. From here it is a breeze. Just make sure that you give yourself at least 20-30 minutes before the drop off time. For instance, we had to drop the boys off at 9:30 and were there are 9:15 which was good but we could have used an extra 5 or 10 minutes.

8. Ski School Pick up-Is above the drop off area. There is an "upper deck" with seating, fire pits and a bar. This is where you pick the kids up.

9. Churros and Waffles-There is a churro stand near the ice skating rink, and the "waffles" (which are really like doughnuts but very tasty) are all located in "Euro Snack" stands. You will see these stands all over the place in Northstar, there are a few in the Village, one at mid-mountain, and even one in the shuttle lot out by the gas station.

10. The bus to the shuttle lot-is in the lower plaza area below the skier drop off. Your shuttle driver should have told you which post to come back to so you can get your car.

11. Margarita-Not mentioned in the last post, but for the record if you need one, the best margaritas in Truckee are at Casa Baeza, and they are not on the menu. Ask for the "Clay Pot Margarita" and you will not be disappointed. They are about $10 but totally worth it.

Squaw is still open until May 15th if you need to get some more turns in. I will say that 70 degree weather is making me lean towards running, biking, swimming, and boating.

Next post-our newest sports addition-The Reno Aces baseball team.

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  1. You are the best aunt ever!!! Thanks - looking forward to our next adventure.