Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Good Life...

Someone asked me what I had been up to lately, and my answer made them say, "pretty rough life...". (Sarcastically, of course).

Let's see...

Last week, I tubed the Truckee, swam in Donner Lake, went wakesurfing on Lake Tahoe twice (which means that I also went to Garwoods and Sunnyside), went for 4 trail runs, one 20 mile bike ride, a mile swim at the pool at Old Greenwood, and a 2 day camping trip with friends near the Stanislaus river.

This week is shaping up to be just as stellar...I have already been out on Lake Tahoe surfing (Garwoods), on another 20 mile bike ride, several trail runs, and am all set for more swimming and a concert at the Truckee Regional Park tonight, back out to Tahoe tomorrow evening for more surfing.

It really makes a difference when all of these options are right out your door!


1. Tubing the Truckee is very fun, but can be quite a scene. If you are looking to do it with kids, rent a raft in Tahoe City and use the shuttle service. Also weekends are much more crowded and crazy.

2. The bike trails from Tahoe City are GREAT. You can ride on a paved trail from TC to the Village at Squaw for a shorter loop that follows the river (~14 miles) or you can ride from TC to Sugar Pine State Park (~18 mile loop)-this ride has some road crossings and sections where there is no bike path, but is very scenic and fun. You can rent bikes for very reasonably at Porters Outlet in TC ($10 for 2 hours).

3. Open water swimming is hard!! If you are swimming for recreation, stay towards the shore line and try to pick a day that is not so windy. I went on a weekday so there were less "big" boats out on the water.
4. There are some really great trails for running and mountain biking all over this area! Again, check my link to but also ask around in outdoor shops. Some of them have great maps and recommendations.

5. Wakesurfing is amazing. It is easy to learn, low impact, and a lot of fun. If you know anyone with a boat who has the right stuff and will teach you how, give it a shot! It can seem intimidating, but really is great. My husband Brad's parents brought some friends out last year and one of their friends surfed on our boat, he was probably 60+ years old and had a blast. My mom has tried it don't be afraid!
6. Truckee Regional Park- Town Concerts are on Wednesdays through August 27th from 6:30-8:30 pm. They are free! Bring a blanket and some snacks and enjoy...

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