Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tahoe Fall 2010 = Summer!

If you have not been watching the weather up here that would explain why you are not here enjoying it. We have had 80+ degree days for almost a week and it looks like another gorgeous week is forecasted.

Of course, we think that we deserve it because we had such a late summer this year.

Fall is really one of the best times to be in Tahoe. It isn't crowded, the options for hiking and biking are endless! Oh, and of course there is the lake. And the golf courses are still open.

There are deals at all of the restaurants, everything is on sale at the outdoor shops, lodging is cheap, what more could you want?

I have decided this fall to take a bunch of hikes to celebrate the good weather. In the last 3 days I have hiked up Shirley Falls (no waterfalls this time of year but still very pretty), Page Meadows, and have hiked around the Watson Lake area on the back side of Northstar. All very different and pretty areas!

If you find yourself drawn to Tahoe, check out the trails and get outside! There are some great guidebooks in the book stores around here, or you can just go to an outdoor shop and ask for recommendations. I promise you won't be disappointed. Or go to http://www.truckeetrails.org/ for some suggestions.

Maybe I'll see you out there?

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